The organizational structure of LODA pivots around the (1) General Directorate and three divisions including (2) Community Development Strategy & Coordination Division, (3) Local Government Strategic Planning Division, and (4) Corporate Services Division. For a detailed organizational structure, see attachment.

1. Directorate General

Director General: Mrs. NYINAWAGAGA Claudine Marie Solange

Phone:  +250 788 303 457

Ema address:

Main activities of the General Directorate include:

  • Preparation of meetings of BoD including four quarterly ordinary meetings and extra ordinary meetings;

  • Organize and conduct meetings with development partners and negotiate funds;

  • Prepare and sign funding agreements between LODA and its Development partners. Other activities into consideration include coordination of communication relations with partners and marketing of LODA;

  • conducting internal audit specifically on accounting and budgeting system, human resource management procedures, logistics management procedures, procurement procedures, IT procedures and legal procedures among others;

  • and finally implementing the annual procurement plan by elaborating tendering documents, advertising tenders in newspapers, evaluating bidding documents and awarding tenders, signing contracts and monitor the execution of contracts.  

2. Local Development Planning, M&E Division

Division Manager: Mr. SIBOMANA Saidi

Phone: +250 788 306 442


This division is in charge of planning and follows up the implementation of Local Economic Development projects and programmes in LG. Moreover, it does monitoring and evaluation of all subsequent activities. Among its main activities there are:

  • Preparation of LODA strategic planning;

  • Design and disseminate of funding guidelines to Districts;

  • Contribute to planning and budgeting process of LG; - develop and implement capacity building plan for LODA and LG;

  • Coordinate Monitoring and Evaluation system of LODA programs by design and dissemination of M&E manuals;

  • Coordinate O&M of LODA Programs by developing and disseminating O&M manual;

  • Develop and disseminate monitoring software in all Districts;

  • Carry out impact assessment of VUP; conduct annual VUP HH and Cell infrastructure surveys; conduct surveys on graduation of beneficiaries;

  • Carry out impact assessment of Projects and VUP interventions funded by LODA - carry out financial inspection of funds for development projects and for VUP transferred to Districts.

  • Elaboration of funds distribution formula for economic development activities in LG;

  • Participation in LED policy formulation and implementation and LED;

  • Supports technically implementation of LED programs and development projects in Districts and Kigali City.

3. Social Protection Programs Division

Division Manager: Mr. GATSINZI Justine

Phone: +250 788 307 442


The Social Protection Division coordinates implementation process of Vision 2020 Umurenge Progam and Ubudehe Program. The main activities of this division include among others:

  • Developing, reviewing and dissemination of VUP policies and guidelines for PW, DS and FS;

  • Follow-up of implementation of VUP components in VUP operational Sectors; development and dissemination of Risk Management Fund Policy;

  • Carry out annual review of VUP-PW, DS, and FS;

  • Roll out of VUP appeals and complaints mechanisms to all Sectors;

  • Elaboration of Exit strategy from Ubudehe Credit Scheme to FIs-SACCO;

  • Elaborate concept paper on scale up and Exit Strategy and its dissemination;

  • Conducting targeting exercise;

  • Finalize and disseminate graduation concept note;

  • Conduct graduation surveys in VUP sectors;

  • Coordinate validation activity for UBUDEHE database and its dissemination and redefine Ubudehe categorization system.  

4. Local Economic Division

Division Manager: Mr. NGENDAHIMANA Pascal

Phone: +250 0788 303 821


The major activities within the Local Economic Division include:

  • Supervise and coordinate Local Economic Development Division;
  • Coordinate development programs and projects implemented in LGs;
  • Ensure that financed projects are contributing to LED in LGs;
  • Provide technical advices for resolving constraints occurring in programs and projects implementation;
  • Ensure the quality and management of projects or programs implemented in LGs;
  • Develop the overall strategies  for  engaging the participation of local population in their districts development;
  • Prepare and Coordinate  all audits done on LED projects in LGs;
  • Supervise the implementation of different audits recommendations;
  • Coordinate all initiatives done to exploit Districts potentialities;
  • Establish local Economic development projects funds transfer  mechanisms;
  • Sensitize and mobilize decentralized entities on importance of operation and maintenance of all acquired infrastructure;
  • Prepare periodical and situational progress reports to Director General.

5. Corporate Service Division

Division  Manager: Mrs. SEHUKU Elise

Phone:  +250 788 304 438


The Corporate Services division provides LODA with enough resources to achieve its mandate. Specifically it is in charge of budget preparation and execution, financial management, Human Resource management and assets management. The key activities include among others:

  • Coordination of budget preparation and budget execution for each fiscal year;

  • Production and submit monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports to MINECOFIN;

  • Recruitment of qualified staff to fill vacant positions;

  • Development and implementation of staff capacity building plan;

  • Timely preparation and payment of salaries to staff and declare TPR, CSR and RAMA contributions to RRA and RSSB respectively;

  • Put in place communication system in LODA and repair of IT equipments.