LODA, Enabel launch urbanization project in Rwamagana Satellite City

Rwamagana – On the 27th August 2020 at Dereva Hotel there was held a one day workshop and urban walk meant to identify the scale up phase of infrastructure under urbanization interventions in Rwamagana District. Jointly organized by Enabel, LODA and Rwamagana District through the “Urban Economic Development Initiative (UEDi)”, participants­­ ­­­­to this event mainly dealt with identification of the scale up project area, prioritization and role sharing among stakeholders.

At the workshop, Rwamagana District authorities presented and thoroughly explained detailed plans of four interlinked infrastructure projects, namely the construction of new 7.9 Km asphalt roads (Bi-layer) which will be implemented in Rwamagana town, Kigabiro Sector particularly in Nyagasenyi and Cyanya cells; the construction of Rwamagana town modern market planned to be implemented in Kigabiro Sector, and covering a surface area of more than 9,882 m2 with the capacity to accommodate at least 60 businesses; the construction of Rwamagana District Expo Ground at the edge of the city center, expected to be an important hub for large events such as expositions, trade shows, conferences, etc. as well as the extension of the existing handcraft center. From all these projects, Enabel shall select which ones to support.

The main partners involved in the realization of the projects are fourfold: Enabel, the Government of Rwanda (GoR) through LODA, Rwamagana District, the private sector and the local community. While the major role of the GoR and Enabel lies into mobilizing funds and examining feasibility studies, the role of the private sector and the community in this process was summarized by Mr. MBONYUMUVUNYI Ramadhan, Mayor of Rwamagana District, in these terms: “The GoR urges private sector investors to take part in such infrastructure projects, and in turn it facilitates them by setting up public utilities and conducting adequate feasibility studies. Sometimes private investors may come up with suitable projects which are beneficial to the community, and the district can offer land to raise an infrastructure project like what we are going to do for the construction of Rwamagana Modern Market to replace the old market”.

Mayor MBONYUMUVUNYI also highlighted the crucial role of local community members, not only as primary beneficiaries but also as partners since the District acts to satisfy identified citizen priorities, and the community in return contributes in maintaining infrastructures. This was equally emphasized by Mrs. NYINAWAGAGA Claudine, Director General of LODA, who stated: “First, community members will be primary beneficiaries of the project. They know what they face on a daily basis and are in better position to determine their priorities. Second, upon completion of these infrastructure projects, they become users and they have to play a role in maintenance and do whatever is possible to ensure that the project is sustainable”.

On the 6th May 2020, the GoR and the Government of Belgium through Rwanda’s Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA) and Belgium’s Belgian Development Agency (Enabel) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement the “Urban Economic Development Initiative (UEDi)” in two secondary cities of Rwanda and one satellite city of Rwanda (Musanze, Rubavu and Rwamagana districts). The total funding of this project in form of grant is worth 17,440,400€ of which 13,507,811€ shall be allocated to the Districts (Rwamagana: 4,715,667; Rubavu: 4,059,677; Musanze: 4,732,467), while the remaining amount shall be spent on the management of the project.